New Accreditor April, 2022!

Tuesday, 08 March 2022

We are currently accredited by NACCAS.  We have enjoyed many years of learning about accreditation through NACCAS.  However, we are always looking to improve the quality of our educational institution.  Now, we are very excited to announce that Professional Cosmetology Education Center has received candidacy by MSA-CESS.

There will be no interruption to your federal student aid!

MSA-CESS will help our institution, educators, staff, & students enjoy its next evolution into the school of the future.  MSA-CESS will help our school leadership establish and reach new goals, develop strategic plans, promote staff development and advance student achievement. 

Among these new goals in our strategic plan, MSA-CESS accreditation will help us as we develop distance education, competency-based plans, new programs, & develop educational relationships with institutions from all over the world.

For over 125 years, The Middle States Association continues to be a worldwide leader in accreditation and school improvement.

There will be more news as we complete the process of accreditation by accreditation. 

Announcement!  Due to the impending storm, we will be closed on Friday, 04 February 2022.  Classes will resume on Saturday, 05 February 2022.  Stay safe, warm, & dry!